Brampton Concert Band

brampton-concert-band-site-screenshotThe Brampton Concert Band website was developed with content consistency in mind. A clean design with a formal and subdued colour scheme was chosen, and subtle animations were used in order to highlight the message of the organisation. Visit the site <<HERE>>.

Gather – Web application

gather - a site for developers to share ideasGather is a web service for members of software development teams to communicate with each other. It is a posting board for ideas where each idea has a filterable category and a dedicated page for real time discussion.

Gather – The Main Dashboard

Gather DashboardThe main dashboard is the central location where important discussion topics can be viewed and filtered by category. Each item has its own full page with a discussion area.

Gather – Create your team

Gather register new members pageAdd all of your team members at one time and on one screen. Each member will receive a confirmation email which will provide a link they can follow to fill out the remainder of their personal details.

Gather – Add New Discussion Item

Gather add new post page

Members can easily add new discussion items by uploading photos and other media. Adding a description, ideas, and possible discussion topics made very easy and a category must be chosen to aid in filtering items on the main dashboard.

Brampton Concert Band Logo GIF


A gold animated logo created for a Brampton Concert Band advertising campaign.


CalendarA calendar created using tables, javascript, textures, and 3D models.